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Ministry Staff


Our growth as a spiritual community occurs from the active participation of all members. Apostle Kim Holt is responsible for encouraging and maintaining our Church culture by being an active leader in our ever growing community. Apostle Holt makes our services more enjoyable, and leaves a lasting impression on congregants. 

At Fire to The Nations Global Ministries, our staff consists of intellectual pastors and clerics that are committed to providing exceptional service to our growing community. They are the faces behind the daily upkeep of the Church, and the reason behind our ability to smoothly run our events and services. Contact us today and speak with one of our staff members!

Meet The Staff


Apostle Voncil Evans

Elders Council

Mother’s Board

Elder Freddie Shells

Mother Betty Shells

Singles Ministry

Sis. Chaconna Downs

Media Ministry

Praise & Worship/Men’s Ministry

Deacon Carl Quann

Minister Daniel Fuqua

Dance Ministry

Minister Kyara Fuqua

Financial Treasurer

Prayer Ministry

Deacon Kenetha Jacobs

Minister Daniel & Kyara Fuqua

Youth/Young Adult Ministry

Sis. Nekeaya Jacobs Quann

How To Become A Ministry Partner

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